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Save Energy

Switchoff-Timer  for battery-powered devices

Bild Ausschalt-Timer

Battery powered devices with normal on-/ off-switch (snapping button, slide-, rocker-, rotary-switch) can be updated with this small electronic board. Then the battery-powered device switches off after a certain time (1 - 120 minutes, specified with your order) and the battery will not be discharged.

The device is switched on normally with the switch. Then the device runs as usual, but switches off automatically after the specified time. To turn it on again, the device must be first switched off and then switched on again.

PDF-Download  Installation instructions Switchoff-Timer

Designation SOT-DC-LV "... min"
SOT-DC-HV "... min"
Supply voltage UB 2.4...5.0 V 
3.0...16.0 V
Number of batteries
2 x 1.5V-battery
3 x 1.5V-battery
1 x 4.5V-flat battery
3 x 1.5V battery
10 x 1.5V battery
9V monobloc battery
Quiescent current < 10 µA ca. 100 µA
Load current maximum 300 mA
1 A
Switchoff time
fixed, 1 - 120 minutes (please specify on order)
25 x 14 x 3mm
Price (info VAT) 1 Pcs   for   CHF 11.--  
2 Pcs   for   CHF 10.50
5 Pcs   for   CHF 10.--
1 Pcs  for  CHF 12.50  
2 Pcs  for  CHF 12.--
5 Pcs  for  CHF 11.50
Packing + postage CH (Priority)   CHF 6.--
EU   CHF 8.--

For requests and orders please write at  info@hamatronic.ch .


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